*Specializing in Environmentally Friendly U.V. Water
Treatment, Solar and Wind Powered Energy Systems*

WPS 2000 Inc. is a small business operating out of London, Ontario, Canada that is involved in designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly systems for water treatment and energy generation.  The company became incorporated in 1999 and began to see the increasing need for clean water for both industrial and personal use. WPS 2000 Inc. developed a complete line of products that kills bacteria and other contaminants using Ultraviolet technology making the water safe to drink. Continuing on the track to help save our environment, WPS 2000 Inc. then turned to designing and manufacturing a product that would provide an alternate source of generating energy. In 2007, WPS 2000 Inc. began work on a 1kW to 5kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) that would generate electricity when placed in a suitable area. The company continues to manufacture both of these systems in-house and is well on its way to making a difference in the way we use our planet’s resources.

We are currently looking for investors who share our passion for saving the planet and welcome all enquiries.


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