How does indoor Air Pollution Affect your Body? 



Eye and Nasal Irritation:

  • Sulphur dioxide (lethal poison), ammonia, acrolein (in tobacco smoke a carcinogen), benzene (carcinogen), formaldehyde, pollen, mold, spores, dust, dust mites, bacteria...

Bronchial Constrictors:

  • Sulphur dioxide (lethal poison), ammonia, allergens, bacteria...

Pulmonary Irritants:

  • Chloroform (lethal poison, suspected carcinogen), nitrogen dioxide (lethal poison), styrene formaldehyde, small particulates, bacteria...


  • Cyanide (from tobacco smoke), hydrocarbons (tobacco smoke and other combustions), nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide.


  • Acrolein benzene, chloroform (suspected), carbon tetrachloride (suspected)



  • Hydrocarbons


Some Pollutants

          Their Sources & Symptoms


Benzene Paint, new carpets, new drapes, upholstery Headaches, eye/skin irritation, fatigue, cancer
Ammonia Tobacco smoke, cleaning supplies Eye/skin irritation, headaches, nose-bleeds, sinus problems
Chloroform Paint, new drapes, upholstery, new carpeting Headaches, asthma attacks, dizziness, eye/skin irritation
Formaldehyde Tobacco smoke, plywood, cabinets, furniture, particle board, office dividers, new carpets, new drapes, wallpaper, paneling Headaches, eye/skin irritation, drowsiness, fatigue, respiratory problems, memory loss, depression, gynecological problems, cancer
Benzopyrene Tobacco smoke Asthma attacks, eye/skin irritation, sinus problems, lung cancer
Hydrocarbons Tobacco smoke, gas burners, furnaces Headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulty
Trichlorethylene Paints, glues, furniture, wallpaper Headaches, eye/skin irritation, respiratory irritation
Carbon Tetrachloride Paint, new drapes, new carpets, cleaning supplies Headaches, dizziness, fatigue

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