Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Advantages of VAWT Design include:

  • Wind as a source of power is clean, green, inexhaustible, and free
  • Uses minimum wind power to generate maximum output- capacity to produce 3kW to 10kW of power at low RPM
  • Has an air wound coil design which provides smooth start without cogging
  • Is a low profile design that is aesthetically pleasing with minimal space requirements- can be more easily used for smaller personal use
  • Generates minimal noise
  • Has no gear box but rather a direct drive design to lower maintenance costs and improve reliability and longevity
  • Can utilize winds from varying directions- the unit does not have to be pointed in the exact direction of the wind to be effective and can be used in sites where wind direction is highly variable
  • System designed to compensate for high winds as it does not catch more wind than the unit was designed to use- this eliminates any damage to the wind turbine and ensures it won’t turn off in stormy weather
  • Adaptability for off-grid or on-grid.

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