Once the application has been determined, the placement of the UV unit should be given special consideration.  The sterilizer should be placed as close to the dispersion point as possible.  Since UV is a physical process and has no residual value, it is imperative that all points of the distribution system after the sterilizer be chemically “shocked” to ensure that the system is free from downstream microbial contamination.

 UV units should be installed on the cold water line before any branch lines.  A typical household distribution system will have a 5gpm flow rate; however, if the flow rate is in question, the UV unit should be oversized rather than undersized.  As an added safety precaution, a flow-regulating device should be installed on any  sterilizer to ensure that the manufacturer’s recommended rate flow is not exceeded.

 The UV sterilizer should be the last point of treatment.  Any pretreatment products should precede the sterilizer.  If the water supply contains Giardia Lamblia (or other cysts), and alternate mechanical filtration unit (check NSF St. 35 for applicable units) should be installed at the point-of-use after the UV unit.

 The only positive way to determine if the sterilizer is indeed operating as designed is to obtain microbiological testing on the water supply.  Even though the lamp is lit and appears to be functioning, factors such as water quality, lamp life, and actual UV transmission may be affecting the actual UV output.  It is recommended to have the water tested periodically to ensure you are receiving bacteriologically safe water.  It is also imperative to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on water quality and operational procedures.




The WPS water disinfection systems carry a five-year warranty on the stainless steel reactor chamber, and a one-year warranty on UV lamps and power supplies.


For point of entry use, it is recommended that an 8-USG/min system be installed with minimum double-filter units.  See your local water specialist for proper filter and media sizes.

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